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What I Like About User-Generated Content

I once worked with editors who despised user-generated content (UGC). They called it fluff, biased, and not stringent. Deservedly so, because most UGC is crap (e.g. Camwhoring).

But there’s also lots of good UGC on the web.

You can’t beat them for their immediacy, rawness and, above all, honesty. Like this Youtube video of Tokyo’s 8.9 magnitude earthquake on Friday, 11 Mar 2011.

First watched at StringingWordsTogether

It’s sobering as heck and a hell lot more heart-breaking than watching it on TV with newscaster voice-overs.

Simply because it shows everything – warts and all.

And that’s why I like User-Generated Content.

Credit: Featured image from I M A U-M-N-B-N!