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#1: Tell Stories, not Ads

Once upon a time…

We love stories.

Go on, say it ain’t so.

You can’t, can you?

You’re probably thinking about a story now. It might be The Three Little Pigs, or the creation myth where Nüwa made mankind, or Christopher Nolan’s Inception, or even this YouTube video about Smooth E beauty products.

There lived an old couple in the deepest, darkest forest. Their joy was an axe to chop with, a bucket to gather mushrooms in, and a spindle to weave the finest gowns from.

We love stories because it’s an escape from humdrum living. More importantly, they make sense of our surroundings – like creation myths that explain our origins – and let us  speculate on “what if” and connect with other people.

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PR in Content Development

I’ve never been a PR guy. Mostly, I’m on the receiving end of press releases and other PR events.

But this set of slides by Luca Penati, global managing director, Technology Practice at Ogilvy, makes a case for moving PR towards a more publishing-like role.

It’s worth a go through especially when people remember stories more than LOUD ADVERTISING.

The Role of PR in Content Development and Activation

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