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#12 How to Define Your Audience

#12: How to Define Your Audience

“Who’s it for?” asked my Editor.

She wasn’t asking whether my story was for her or another editor. She was really asking: “Who are you writing it for?”

I’d like to say “everyone”, but I can’t. Trying to write a story for everyone is like trying to fit the entire world into your pocket. It’s an impossible task, simply because everyone wants different things.

But we can create content for specific groups of people – lawyers fresh from the Bar, or fash hags who must have the latest fashion trend, or even stay-at-home dads – as they consume similar content in similar ways. Identifying these groups isn’t that hard. It’s just a matter of asking the right questions and using the right sources.

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#4: If You Don’t Know…Research It!

To my horror, I started sprouting silly talk in a presentation:

“We can spearhead this initiative by creating a paradigm shift to holistically evaluate results.”

I got blank looks and the rest of the presentation went down in flames.

It wasn’t because I was jittery. I sprouted silly talk because I didn’t know my topic like the back of my hand. If I didn’t know, I can’t do and I definitely can’t talk about it using simple words (tip: authoritative = simple).

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