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DIY Infographic: Timelines

Recently, I’ve created a blog post (A History of Augmented Reality) with a timeline infographic.

Just 1 month ago, this would have taken 1 week to create. Most of the spent time was on the designer who had to conceptualise and create the timeline. And really, their time could be better spent on other design things.

Now it takes a grand total of 2 hours to make a Timeline Infographic.


Thanks to Timeline JS. It’s a simple and yet beautifully rendered timeline that runs on a Google Excel sheet. Yup, a Google Excel sheet. Just plonk in the data and image links, some formatting, and it automatically creates the timeline for you.


If you’re being held ransom by designers and account managers, I’d suggest having a go with Timeline JS. Also, there are many DIY infographic tools on the internet that anyone – newbie or seasoned designer — could use to create great-looking infographics.

It just takes a little bit of willingness to try out the tools and perhaps a penchant for storytelling.

  1. Get the Timeline JS from Knights Labs
  2. See how timeline infographic is implemented at “A History of Augmented Reality: When Digital & Physical Worlds Converge”.
Taking a Break…

Taking a Break…

I’m taking a break from blogging this week to settle a couple of things: funerals, army matters and yet-to-be-done work.

Be back on 4 Apr with new posts!

Meanwhile, check out the brilliant infographic on how to engage bloggers, courtesy of the USA Air Force (via GlobalNerdy).

Airforce Rules of Engagement for bloggers

Frankly I’m surprised that a government body had actually done something about Social Media, instead of just paying it lip service. Now that’s putting your money where your mouth is!

See you guys next week!

Credits: Featured image from Mr.Mac2009
Infographic from GlobalNerdy