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#11 Making Content Reusable

#13: Making Content Reusable

I’m a huge fan of reusing content.

Sometimes I’d splice video clips into other videos. Or extract bite-sized pieces of information and quotes that I’ll chuck out on Twitter or use in other stories. Or create a wrapper around related stuff – like those “The Best of…” music albums. Or revisit and update old content – like Rough Cuts on Okto.

To paraphrase a bank’s slogan: “Let’s make content work harder!”

But how to…

  1. Reuse content that’s created for a particular audience and medium?
  2. Keep track of different types of content & its reuse possibilities?

It boils down to breaking up, codifying and documenting content.

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#10 How to Comment on Blogs

#10: How to Comment on Blogs

Commenting on other people’s blogs sends traffic your way.

But it only happens if you’ve cultivated a relationship with that blogger as suggested by the Copyblogger. That means you can’t just link the heck out of a blog post’s comment section. In fact, I think anyone who does that should be banished to Spam Hell for all of their virtual life.

I’m not the most comment-savvy person. I prefer to read than comment and Twitter’s my conversation tool.

So I went looking for tips on how to comment on blogs, and there’s really a lot of information out there. So I thought I’ll pick choice tips and quotes, and repost them here. I’ve also linked to the original posts if you’re wanting more.

PS: The last two tips are mine, mine, mine! Bwahaha!

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#9 Interviews are Content Goldmines

#9: Interviews are Content Goldmines

Love ’em or hate ’em. Interviews are rich with content and as versatile as heck.

I’ve turned interviews into a Q & A piece, inserted quotes to support a bigger story and picked soundbites for my social media sites. Got an eye for video? The interview gets spliced into a video story. If you’re creating for iTunes, convert the audio track into a podcast.

In fact, I’d recommend doing all of the above whenever you have an interview.

But I’m jumping ahead of myself.

After all, you still need to interview the person.

Here’s how you can prepare and conduct an interview session.

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Six Don’ts in Social Media (or Facebook or Twitter… oh, you get the idea)

I read an article by The Online Citizen recently. It outlined how a Facebook Fanpage “Ang Mo Kio – Yio Chu Kang” was taken over by disgruntled netizens who flooded its wall with comments critical of the government. So the administrator went on a deleting spree.

Bad move.

The fans turned into trolls who flamed, crashed and burned at every opportunity. The Online Citizen has its own political axe to grind but it highlights one thing that all social media folk should know – Don’t break social media etiquette!

Being on social media is like being in a conversation. There are things that you just don’t do, like cut people off in mid-sentence, going on and on about yourself etc. It’s the same for social media.

With that in mind, here’s…


Six Social Media Don’ts

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