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Letter to a Content Strategist (via Greenonions)

Letter to a Content Strategist (via Greenonions)

Content strategy (CS) is design.

That’s what UX designer, Dan Brown, says in his blog post Letter to a Content Strategist.

His motivation for doing so is…

I’m frustrated with the characterization of content strategy as “good writing” or “operational issues.” They are unnecessarily limiting, even if taken in the context of the web. I know there’s a design component here, a newly emergent set of challenges that comes with preparing information to be delivered online.

He goes on to outline CS as structures and design; it’s very techie and very architectural. For non-programmer folk, the closest analogue is creating a book.

To whit, CS also needs…

  1. metadata, which describes what content is about
  2. user journey, which describes how users navigate through content to their destination (e.g. sign up page, call to action page etc).

If you’re developing a content strategy for websites, blogs or anything, read his post.


Letter to a Content Strategist

Letter to a Content Strategist Summary: In which I attempt to clarify content strategy by doing it in terms I understand: my own. Content strategy is the the kind of thing that loses clarity when I try to look at it directly. I can glimpse it out of the corner of my eye, but attempt to stare it down, it hops away. (You know, the rabbits are just emerging in my neighborhood, so maybe that’s what I’m talking about.)… Read More

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