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#6 Fact of Interest Postcards Help, not Sell

#6: Fact of Interest Postcards – Help, not Sell

I’m halfway through Guerrilla Marketing Excellence by Jay Conrad Levinson. It was published in 1993, but it is a must-read for any career marketer.

I really like his emphasis on treating the customer right. In fact, he takes it further by saying that we should revere our customers in one of his rules…


Rule #6: Consistently display your reverence for your customers by trying to help them with consistent follow-up.

According to Levinson, customer reverence has to…

…do what you can to improve the lives of these people: with valuable advice, reduced prices, and reviews of new products and services. The only way to do this is by staying in touch.

He gives (along with every rule in his book) a bunch of ideas on how we can show our reverence to the customer.

What peeked my interest was his “Fact of Interest Postcards” example.

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