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#10 How to Comment on Blogs

#10: How to Comment on Blogs

Commenting on other people’s blogs sends traffic your way.

But it only happens if you’ve cultivated a relationship with that blogger as suggested by the Copyblogger. That means you can’t just link the heck out of a blog post’s comment section. In fact, I think anyone who does that should be banished to Spam Hell for all of their virtual life.

I’m not the most comment-savvy person. I prefer to read than comment and Twitter’s my conversation tool.

So I went looking for tips on how to comment on blogs, and there’s really a lot of information out there. So I thought I’ll pick choice tips and quotes, and repost them here. I’ve also linked to the original posts if you’re wanting more.

PS: The last two tips are mine, mine, mine! Bwahaha!

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