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#5: Auto Post to Your Social Media Networks

#5: Auto Post to Your Social Media Accounts

You’ve created a brilliant blog post.

Now, to get the word out and get people interested in your blog.

It’s like distributing a magazine to the newsstand racks. Of course, far easier to do online.

You can update your Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts with your blog post’s URL for your friends to see. But updating each account manually is a pain in the ass and a huge waste of time.

The solution: auto post.

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#4: If You Don’t Know…Research It!

To my horror, I started sprouting silly talk in a presentation:

“We can spearhead this initiative by creating a paradigm shift to holistically evaluate results.”

I got blank looks and the rest of the presentation went down in flames.

It wasn’t because I was jittery. I sprouted silly talk because I didn’t know my topic like the back of my hand. If I didn’t know, I can’t do and I definitely can’t talk about it using simple words (tip: authoritative = simple).

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#3: Give Respect, Get Respect

Sometimes people go nuts on Twitter (see Rockson Tan vs YPAP Leader) or Facebook (The Facebook Douche Bag by the Oatmeal).

We laugh hearty har-har at them, but it bugs me that we can’t get along with each other even in a virtual world.

But social media is quite like real life. We “meet”, we “talk”, we share stories and content, all things that we do when we’re with real-life friends. Like all things in real life, social media is about how you say things and how you “act” in the community.

  • “Please” and “Thank Yous” are always appreciated
    Be polite.
  • Show patience and kindness to newbies
    They might not know what they are doing. Just take it that they’re naive.
  • Don’t diss the community that you’re in
    Would you diss your host in real life?
  • Treat people like you’d want to be treated
    Would you want to be told that you’re worthless, stupid or a waste of space? Probably not.

Essentially it boils down to – give respect to others, and you’ll be given respect. Do check out my 6 Don’ts in Social Media post for things that you shouldn’t do in any social media network.


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#2: The First Line is the Most Important

Which would you start with?

"My mom was an old woman." or "Shush your mouth, boy!"

My bet’s on the second quote, because it grabs attention. That’s what you need to hook people onto your work, and that’s what you should remember when creating content.

It’s an old idea.

We’ve been taught in school that a killer opening makes a good story. Editors exhort writers to make their first lines strong and powerful in magazines and newspapers.

In the online world, it’s the same with much less time. You have 5 seconds to grab people’s attention and 60 seconds to tell your story.

Now every microsecond counts.

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#1: Tell Stories, not Ads

Once upon a time…

We love stories.

Go on, say it ain’t so.

You can’t, can you?

You’re probably thinking about a story now. It might be The Three Little Pigs, or the creation myth where Nüwa made mankind, or Christopher Nolan’s Inception, or even this YouTube video about Smooth E beauty products.

There lived an old couple in the deepest, darkest forest. Their joy was an axe to chop with, a bucket to gather mushrooms in, and a spindle to weave the finest gowns from.

We love stories because it’s an escape from humdrum living. More importantly, they make sense of our surroundings – like creation myths that explain our origins – and let us  speculate on “what if” and connect with other people.

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