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Before making a Plan, Ask these questions…

  1. What…?
  2. So What…?
  3. Do What…?


E.g.: What is this?

Why: Define and clarify the situation so that everyone understands the same thing. Without a shared vocabulary, it’ll be quite like the workers in the Tower of Babel, and we know what happened to it.

So What…?

E.g. So What does it mean?

Why: We are looking for implications, subtext, hidden stakeholders, and consequences. No one really lays it all out  — dig deeper and uncover the real problem; otherwise, this planning is an exercise in futility.

Do What…?

E.g. What can we do with this?

Why: Clarity and Research is great. But without action, it’s just hot air – like so much fluff. All plans must contain actions that help to fulfil it. Otherwise, it’s just a thinking exercise.

ReBlog Weird Rules To Boost Creativity

ReBlog: Weird Rules To Boost Creativity

I found this gem while going through my Twitter account

It’s a list of oddball rules that are designed to shake up your safe world and induce alternative and creativity ways of solving problems.

And I’m loving the first rule:

Find some happy people and get them to fight.

As a manager, one tactic might be to allow an employee to state his case for a project or innovation – then invite team members to dissect it. Getting smart people to vigorously debate their ideas, Sutton contends, is one the quickest methods of exposing technical flaws, and paves the way for innovation.

Heh. I can’t wait to try it out on shiny, happy people.

Read it all at The 99


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#9 Interviews are Content Goldmines

#9: Interviews are Content Goldmines

Love ’em or hate ’em. Interviews are rich with content and as versatile as heck.

I’ve turned interviews into a Q & A piece, inserted quotes to support a bigger story and picked soundbites for my social media sites. Got an eye for video? The interview gets spliced into a video story. If you’re creating for iTunes, convert the audio track into a podcast.

In fact, I’d recommend doing all of the above whenever you have an interview.

But I’m jumping ahead of myself.

After all, you still need to interview the person.

Here’s how you can prepare and conduct an interview session.

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Dude! Where’s my Content? (Or Mashups in a Nutshell)

My client asked: “Where do you store your content?”

I blinked. Once. Twice. “What do you mean?”

“You were talking about using the blog to store content. But where are the videos, photos and words stored? How do you migrate all that content over [to a new website]?”


They didn’t know how a mashup works. They didn’t know how I could pick up a YouTube video, write something (literally) around it and add a couple of photos and links to other sources – while not owning any piece of content, except for the comments – and post it onto a blog. And if I needed to migrate content. I’ll just export and viola, it’ll automatically appear elsewhere in its entirety.

To me this distributed process is quite intuitive, but not so to others. So I thought I share what I understand about mashups: what is it, why do it and how to get the most of it.

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Six Don’ts in Social Media (or Facebook or Twitter… oh, you get the idea)

I read an article by The Online Citizen recently. It outlined how a Facebook Fanpage “Ang Mo Kio – Yio Chu Kang” was taken over by disgruntled netizens who flooded its wall with comments critical of the government. So the administrator went on a deleting spree.

Bad move.

The fans turned into trolls who flamed, crashed and burned at every opportunity. The Online Citizen has its own political axe to grind but it highlights one thing that all social media folk should know – Don’t break social media etiquette!

Being on social media is like being in a conversation. There are things that you just don’t do, like cut people off in mid-sentence, going on and on about yourself etc. It’s the same for social media.

With that in mind, here’s…


Six Social Media Don’ts

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Don’t Waste My Time

When did you last wished for enough hours to do something? When did you last have to wade through crap (and queues) to get what you want?

Chances are that it was just recently. So you’ll know how frustrating it can be. The same goes for your customers. They want help NOW – preferably before they even have to ask for it.

Part of the solution is to mindfully use and present content for your customers. While other parts would also include design elements that make it easy for the user.


Use Content Right

Let’s say you know a lot about oranges and you run an orange-selling business. How could you use that knowledge to increase your sales?

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