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Singapore Joe Looks for a House in Singapore. But it's too expensive

A SIBOR Forecaster: Can SG Joe Afford Housing Bank Loans?

I did up this SIBOR forecaster a couple of months as part of my John Hopkins Data Science Specialisation. The seed of the idea came from my own (very shallow) experience with comparing housing bank loans in Singapore.

I was trying to answer: “Can I still afford bank loans 10 years down the line?”

I felt like Singapore Joe…

Singapore Joe Looks for a House in Singapore. But it's too expensive

So I thought of forecasting SIBOR based on historical data.

I know I know. Historical Forecast Isn’t The Most Accurate

But it’s all I got.

So I scraped years of SIBOR data from MAS Domestic Interest Rates and  made a Shiny App in R.

SIBOR Forecaster at

Try it at

It’s a 1-month SIBOR Forecaster where you can choose:

  1. Length of Home Loans
  2. Start and End Dates for Forecasting Years

In addition to the graph, it also returns a table of possible SIBOR forecast tables.

Obviously, it needs to consider more features like FED rates and maybe the news. But it’s a start at predicting the future.

Now’s that a place where I’d like to live in.


The Right Question

Finding it is hard. 

Just over the weekend, I was busy trying to parse JSON data. Which, despite its connotations, was incredibly unstructured for this website. 

It was simply a block of text with HTML tags. So I poked around stackoverflow asking about HTML parsing. What I should have really been asking was how to extract text between tags.

The meaning is the same for both questions. But reframing the question into specific actions returned the answer (and code) in a much shorter time. 

The Learnings

When you’re not getting anywhere with your current question, re-ask it by focusing on specific actions.