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#15 Spread by Sharing Content on Twitter

#15: Spread by Sharing Content on Twitter

I found this list of reasons why people tweet from The Simple Web Toolbox.

  • To learn new things
  • Connect with people in their industry
  • Publicize themselves or their company
  • To draw traffic to their blog or website
  • Create a network to disseminate information on a social cause (i.e. education, animal rights, etc.)
  • To consolidate researching on the web by following people who provide links in a particular subject area
  • To make friends

From The Simple Web Toolbox

It got me thinking about how Chris Brogan uses Twitter.

He connects with folks (the number of conversations that he has is just crazy!), shares information about social media, and draws traffic to his blog with the occasional tweet to his blog post or question on Facebook.

So what does it mean for spreading my hard created content?

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#10 How to Comment on Blogs

#10: How to Comment on Blogs

Commenting on other people’s blogs sends traffic your way.

But it only happens if you’ve cultivated a relationship with that blogger as suggested by the Copyblogger. That means you can’t just link the heck out of a blog post’s comment section. In fact, I think anyone who does that should be banished to Spam Hell for all of their virtual life.

I’m not the most comment-savvy person. I prefer to read than comment and Twitter’s my conversation tool.

So I went looking for tips on how to comment on blogs, and there’s really a lot of information out there. So I thought I’ll pick choice tips and quotes, and repost them here. I’ve also linked to the original posts if you’re wanting more.

PS: The last two tips are mine, mine, mine! Bwahaha!

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#5: Auto Post to Your Social Media Networks

#5: Auto Post to Your Social Media Accounts

You’ve created a brilliant blog post.

Now, to get the word out and get people interested in your blog.

It’s like distributing a magazine to the newsstand racks. Of course, far easier to do online.

You can update your Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts with your blog post’s URL for your friends to see. But updating each account manually is a pain in the ass and a huge waste of time.

The solution: auto post.

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