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“Where’s the Bus Leh?” Visualising How Singaporeans Ping SG BusLeh

It took a year (of me being mostly lazy) before I turned the really nice dataset from SG BusLeh [get it from iTunes | Google Play] into a visualisation.

I didn’t know what to ask. So I just explored the data willy-nilly. In part, to try Tableau on different datasets; in part, to quickly generate visualisations to find questions.

Here’s what I found:

  1. There’s a difference between how SG Bus Leh is used on weekdays and weekends.
    Most folks take it later on the weekends
  2. People seem to take a while to get “into the groove” after a weekend. On Mon and  Tue, folks ping the app during perceived rush hour  timings (7 to 830am). From Wed to Fri, they’re actually getting out of the house earlier
  3. Lotsa pings on Fri night. No surprises there

I’ve put up the visualisations on Tableau Public: How often is SG Bus Leh Used?

Appreciate any feedback on them!

Shouts to SG BusLeh (iTunes | Google Play) for releasing their data




Visualisations on Tableau Public: How often is SG Bus Leh Used?

4 Google Moments

Four Google moments For Buyers

Great for shops and restaurants if you’re looking to get spur-on-the-moment traffic.


  1. Augments (Replaces?) the buyer cycle with smartphone usage and phases
  2. Push carts and pop-up shops should make use of their proximity to complementary businesses particularly for the I-want-to-do moments
  3. Help customers make a purchase decision with comparative data that can be checked on smartphones
  4. TV commercials are intrinsically linked to microsites. What if we ran campaigns that started from the TV and ended up online?
  5. Location based searches might drive traffic to you, especially for undecided searchers.

source: 4 New Moments

What is a good strategy when researching a topic?

Research isn’t all that tough. But it is time consuming and the information deluge on the web doesn’t make it any easier.

I found this question on Quora: What is a good strategy when researching a topic? And thought it’s a nice segway into how to research.

What do you think?

Answer by Edwin Tam:

I find that there’s general and specific research.

In your case, you seem to be looking for specific information: e.g. did this invention exist? How do I know if my giga-watt-powered Oatmealy gadget can actually grind Oatmeal?

General Research

I usually do the following:

  1. Identify research dimensions: Environment, Competitors, Technology, Own
  2. Write a list of questions for each dimension
  3. Hit up the library/Google/Academic papers/forums to get answers quickly. This helps me winnow out unanswerable questions, specify questions, and develop other questions from the earlier list
  4. Repeat 3 until happy. But now, I look for stats, data, and if necessary, conduct some primary research (e.g. surveys etc).  I’d usually give myself 3 days to do the research. Otherwise, screensuck!
  5. Review info. Develop insights and answers to your (now modified) Questions List.

Quora Question: What is a good strategy when researching a topic?