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#23: How to Get Rid of Trolls (aka Online Idiots who Grief You)

Trolls aren’t green brutes living under a bridge (although they might well be given their behaviour),

Trolls are…

…someone who intentionally steers a thread off-topic or incites arguments in a forum.

Source: Mental Help

You might have read them in action, or even worse, bore the brunt of their childish antics. So you’ll know that they’re disruptive and annoying.

Akin to most bullies, online trolls are like persistent boogers. You just can’t seem to get rid of them and the more you smear, the more you get them on everything.

So how can we get rid of a troll?

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#18: Responding to Critics

Criticism is far worse online. It flows stronger, faster and sharper on Facebook Fanpages, blogs, Twitter and YouTube. And anyone can comment without using their real identity – that supposed swimsuit model might actually be a beer-grubbing obese male.

But they are part and parcel of publishing content online. For many of them, their heart’s in the right place as they want to point outflaws and express their own ideas.

The question then; how to handle and respond to critics?

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When you Say Sorry, Mean It

#11: When You Say Sorry, Mean It

MediaCorp, a local television company, had sent out an electronic Direct Mail (eDM) to clients and agencies canvassing for ad spots after news of the Japan Earthquake broke (details at Mr Brown).

It’s crass and disrespectful to those who died in the earthquake. To their credit, MediaCorp released a statement apologising for their gaffe within 24 hours.

Ironically their statement created another wave of disgust on Twitter.

Tweeps said it was “pointless”, “A pretty weak apology from Mediacorp. Classless and tactless” amongst other things (reaction at Topsy).

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#8 Used Someone’s Work Be Nice Link Back

#8: Used Someone’s Work? Be Nice, Link Back

The internet is about links. I mention my friend’s work in a post and link to his website, while he links to my Youtube video; we engage in mass linking. 😀

You don’t really need permission to link to another blog or website in your content.

Why, because it sends traffic to them. Likewise, if someone links to you, it might send traffic your way. In fact, you’ll know it because most blogs have trackbacks.

It’s essentially an "acknowledgment. This acknowledgment is sent via a network signal (ping) from the originating site to the receiving site. The receptor often publishes a link back to the originator indicating its worthiness"

From Wikipedia

But you do need permission when you use other people’s content such as images, copy, and video (most folk are happy for you to embed their YouTube video; it’s remixing the video that’s tricky).

So what to do?

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#3: Give Respect, Get Respect

Sometimes people go nuts on Twitter (see Rockson Tan vs YPAP Leader) or Facebook (The Facebook Douche Bag by the Oatmeal).

We laugh hearty har-har at them, but it bugs me that we can’t get along with each other even in a virtual world.

But social media is quite like real life. We “meet”, we “talk”, we share stories and content, all things that we do when we’re with real-life friends. Like all things in real life, social media is about how you say things and how you “act” in the community.

  • “Please” and “Thank Yous” are always appreciated
    Be polite.
  • Show patience and kindness to newbies
    They might not know what they are doing. Just take it that they’re naive.
  • Don’t diss the community that you’re in
    Would you diss your host in real life?
  • Treat people like you’d want to be treated
    Would you want to be told that you’re worthless, stupid or a waste of space? Probably not.

Essentially it boils down to – give respect to others, and you’ll be given respect. Do check out my 6 Don’ts in Social Media post for things that you shouldn’t do in any social media network.


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