When Possible, Visualise DATA

I’ve been prepping reports and cleaning datasets for the last few weeks.

It’s no different from my other data projects – except that I’m using Tableau to visualise the reports. I’ve always thought that visualising data was really all vanity.

Now I’m a convert. Visualising the data makes it so easy to see relationships between dimensions! The Viz below (go to Tableau Public for a live demo) is a Google Keyword Search & Competition Visualiser.


I built the Keyword Visualiser to answer this question:

I got 1,100 keywords from Google Keyword Planner.

How do I know which ones to focus my social listening efforts on first?

Instead of testing each keyword – which would take quite a bit of time. I realised that I wanted keywords that ranked highly in both search volume and competition according to a derived criteria.

The Idea

Plot each keyword against 2 dimensions – competition (x) & search volume (y). Segment by # of words and keyword groups. The plot shows the competitiveness and search volume of each keyword. The segmentation helps me pick out long-tailed keywords that leads to specific conversations and queries that I can jump on.

At the same time, it also generates distribution bands (competition: 60% & 150% of the average; Search Volume: 95 percentile) that slices up the plot into distinct areas.

This helps me prioritise some keywords over others.


Does it work?

I’ll get back to you on it. I’m testing it out with my staff over the next week or so. As with most visualisations, it depends on the data. In this case, it’ll be the initial search terms.

In the meanwhile, it’ll be great if I could get feedback on this Keyword Search and Stats Visualiser!

Featured Image from https://clevergizmos.com/keyword-researcher/ 


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