LinkedIn: Changing Company Pages

Companies rebrand every so often. When that happens, it makes sense to refresh and update their digital channels: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and whatever else is the latest Social Media flavour.

Some of them are relatively easy to update.

Facebook lets you change a fanpage’s web address once (and only once, mind you). Twitter is far more permissive – your page web address and name is almost as malleable as putty.

But LinkedIn? Now it’s a pain best summed up in 10 words.

Change your company page name on LinkedIn?

Forget it.

You’ll need to create a brand new company page with that brand new name. Essentially it’s a start from scratch, but what can you do to bring it up to speed quickly?


1: Populate Your New Company Page with Your Old Content

You’ve done the work. Hopefully, you’ve kept a calendar of your older content. Just reuse them!

After all, it won’t do if your new page looks like it had just popped into existence recently! Of course, remember to update and edit your postings.

Tip: Keep your posts short and pointed. LinkedIn company page posts are have no formatting whatsoever.

2: Make an “I’m Moving” Notice

A no-brainer – if you’re moving house, put up a notice. Keep it short and link it to your new LinkedIn company page. That’s the easy part, the hard part comes next…

3: Share Your “I’m Moving” Notice

A single notice in Social Media will do nothing for you. It needs to get out into the ethersphere. There are a couple of ways to do this:

  • Ask your staff to share the notice on their own pages.
  • Incorporate it into your blog posts.
  • Run LinkedIn ads

That’s it!

Featured image from Flickr Photo by Simon Doggett


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