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4 Google Moments

Four Google moments For Buyers

Great for shops and restaurants if you’re looking to get spur-on-the-moment traffic.


  1. Augments (Replaces?) the buyer cycle with smartphone usage and phases
  2. Push carts and pop-up shops should make use of their proximity to complementary businesses particularly for the I-want-to-do moments
  3. Help customers make a purchase decision with comparative data that can be checked on smartphones
  4. TV commercials are intrinsically linked to microsites. What if we ran campaigns that started from the TV and ended up online?
  5. Location based searches might drive traffic to you, especially for undecided searchers.

source: 4 New Moments

Oh, for the Love of Bullshit Content: Speed Vs Accuracy

The rush to “put content out there first” has created bullshit stories. Lots of of which are generated by websites like BuzzFeed, LolWhat?.

In the case of the false story about [Nikki] Haley, for example, Ben Smith, editor of a blog called BuzzFeed, told The New York Times that “the beauty of all this is the speed of self-correction. If it had been a newspaper report, it could have hung out there for a day.”

Is that the new standard? Or a defense for laziness? You publish something without regard for accuracy because if it’s false, surely someone will quickly correct it? I fail to see the beauty in that.

Source: USAToday

It’s the same in marketing — speed trumps accuracy, “SEO-ness” over “writing for humans”, and backlinks always beats insight and Aha!. This conspires to generate bullshit and lazy publishing.

A toast then! To another decade of crap content.

Image source: QuickMeme