#15 Spread by Sharing Content on Twitter

#15: Spread by Sharing Content on Twitter

I found this list of reasons why people tweet from The Simple Web Toolbox.

    • To learn new things
    • Connect with people in their industry
    • Publicize themselves or their company
    • To draw traffic to their blog or website
    • Create a network to disseminate information on a social cause (i.e. education, animal rights, etc.)
    • To consolidate researching on the web by following people who provide links in a particular subject area
    • To make friends

    From The Simple Web Toolbox

It got me thinking about how Chris Brogan uses Twitter.

He connects with folks (the number of conversations that he has is just crazy!), shares information about social media, and draws traffic to his blog with the occasional tweet to his blog post or question on Facebook.

So what does it mean for spreading my hard created content?

Share Good Content, Show Good Manners

Bitrebels has a great post on 5 ways which brands can communicate with customers. I’ve reposted an excerpt from the 3rd entry – Sharing – which caught my eye…

Share content that does not just focus on your brand, try to share information that can be advantageous to your consumers.  By sharing content in your field of expertise, consumers can now benefit more from you as well… 

From Bitrebels

In addition to showcasing your work, tweet and retweet (RT) related content. But there’s a problem with RTs – it’s just an echo. For example, I retweeted:

RT @nickusborne: How To: Conquer Communication Overload – sambirmingham: http://tumblr.com/xb61sfz449

It only spreads the love, and little else.

To add value, I like to open the link, read through whatever’s on it, and add my 2-cents to the RT. I could rewrite the headline, or pull out an interesting quote, or add a super-short summary of what’s in the link – a variation of showing customer reverence (see #6: Fact of Interest Postcards).

By doing all that and sharing info, it’ll have the following effects:

  1. Tweeps whom you’ve retweeted or their followers would usually follow you, thus growing your Twitter network and reach.
    You should: Thank them for the follow, and follow them back. If you can, a short note about what you like about their work is always appreciated.
  2. If your content was retweeted, it’ll reach out to that Tweep’s network.
    You should: Thank them for the RTs. For bonus points, look at what they’ve tweeted about recently and comment on it.
  3. If someone actually commented on your RTs, you’ve got them engaged and hooked beyond the usual “Thks!”
    You should: Take the opportunity and talk with them!

Too much to take in?

Here’s a real world analogy: Spreading your content via Twitter is like talking with a friend, but with many eavesdroppers around you. To get their attention, just talk about something juicy and add a little gossi…err value to it. 😀

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Credit: Featured image from redking

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