Don’t Waste My Time

When did you last wished for enough hours to do something? When did you last have to wade through crap (and queues) to get what you want?

Chances are that it was just recently. So you’ll know how frustrating it can be. The same goes for your customers. They want help NOW – preferably before they even have to ask for it.

Part of the solution is to mindfully use and present content for your customers. While other parts would also include design elements that make it easy for the user.


Use Content Right

Let’s say you know a lot about oranges and you run an orange-selling business. How could you use that knowledge to increase your sales?

In last week’s post on What is Content, I emphasised that we should

…give value to people.

It’s the same here. Find out what your customers need and give it to them. Let’s say they’re mostly housewives who might want to know:

  • How to make my meals more interesting
  • How to store my groceries longer
  • How to choose the best fruits
  • What produce and meats are nutritious

Notice that they’re not asking orange-related questions. They’re asking for solutions to their daily problems.

You can give straightforward answers such as recipes that use oranges, or give it a spin: “What oranges taught me about choosing fruit”. Essentially, the better you answer their question, the more useful they’ll find it.


Presentation Matters

It depends on you and your customer’s familiarity with presentation methods.


For example, your customers might prefer to watch live demos, so you could create a series of How-To videos. Or they might want something handy as reference, a scorecard with infographics would work nicely.

If they’re mostly online via iPhones, you could create a widget to push nuggets of orangey wisdom at regular timings. Or if your housewives love contests, why not a poll to test them on their knowledge of oranges?

It’s all about matching the right presentation methods to your customers.  And hopefully by consuming all this useful content, your customers will remember you and your product, which might create better sales for your oranges.

So, how do you make your content useful?



  1. Your customers want solutions to their problems
  2. What questions are they asking?
  3. Be useful to your audience, customers or readers; if your expertise matches their questions, great! Think how you could angle it to help them.
  4. Match your presentation to your customers

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